Scale Meet – Photos
Scale Meet – Photos

PDQ Flyers recently hosted a Scale Fun Fly, organized by Greg Brunt. Reviews from those attended stated the event was spectacular. The event was open to clubs outside of ours such as RCAA Comox, and those guys stepped up big time. A solid group of PDQ members were also onsite to participate in volunteering or flying. Some were there to fly in the contest part of the day and others were there for the open flying which was done after lunch.

RCAA members brought mostly giant scale first and second world war fighter aircraft as well as 1930's civilian aircraft, they also brought a couple of planes for static display. Our members brought a number of beautiful airplanes for flight and static display.

We had over fifty people there consisting of pilots and spectators of which there were many. There was just shy of 40 cars and trucks and trailers, which may be one of the largest attended events ever at the PDQ field! Everyone was entertained with beautiful flying demos and fed a BBQ hotdog lunch with all the trimmings, on the house.

In addition to the Scale flying fun, there was also a small award ceremony by our Zone director, John Deadman. John brought two plaques, a Pioneer award and Hall of Fame induction for PDQ member Leo Katila (MAAC #35) for his decades of dedication to the RC sport we all love. There are a total of four awards that MAAC has for different aspects of the hobby. Leo already had two of them and just received the remaining two! We're thankful that Leo has chosen to come back to the PDQ, and remains flying (schooling us younger crowd on just how well it can be done I might add!)

There are some excellent videos and pictures on the Mid Island Flyers facebook page, and I've shared as many of them here as possible.  

If you missed the event, try not to next time. This was a top notch piece of work and our president couldn't be more pleased how well it was organized, and run.