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Spring Fun Fly 2017

fun fly 17

the chair

After a 2 week weather delay, the spring fun-fly turned into a very successful flying event. We had an excellent turnout and 12 flyers participated, with another 20 spectators. The event was not without mishaps, as several aircraft were damaged, but I think most will be repairable. The highlight of the day was when Craig flew from the chair.  Unfortunately no one else got any chair time due to an accident but we plan to do more of this in the future.

Thank You everyone for coming out.

Submitted by Ross Donogh, May, 2017.

Update on Ross's report:

There were actually 3 of us (Craig MacQuarrie, Bill Rollins, and I) that got to fly. Craig had the most impressive expositions while I proved that it doesn’t take that much skill to get on to it… Bill wanted to actually land the plane but didn’t have the throttle control needed. Then the plane got busted….

Submitted by Mike Gaskin, May, 2017.

Silent Flight, May 13th

Presented by Tim Rowledge and Mike Gaskin.  Start around the civil hour of 10.  BBQ lunch around 12. 

For electrics, gliders, and rubberband,  Bring all that quiet stuff.

Submitted by Greg Brunt, May, 2017.

Qualicum Air Show, Saturday, July 8th

As most of you may know our Mall Show this year will not be held at a mall but at the Qualicum air port in conjunction with their Air Show on July the 8th.

We are to put on a static display in the air cadet hanger, in space arranged by Geoff Graham. So those of you that wish to display your prized air craft start getting them ready.

We have also been asked by the organizers to put on a half hour flying display. so we need about 3 or 4 good flyers to do all kinds of maneuvers. The combat ribbon cutting event was most appreciated last time so lets get 5 or 6 or as many as we can nut balls or any kind of foamies and have a battle royal.

Some have said that our demo last time was one of the high lights of the air show so let's not disappoint.

This notice may seem a bit premature but July will be hear before you know it.

Submitted by Bruce Berry, March, 2017.

Next Meeting

PDQ Flyers will meet on Wednesday, May 10th, at 7pm at the Parksville Community Center.


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