Learn to Fly

PDQ Flight Standards

PDQ flight standards go further than MAAC minimum requirements, and our training requirements are more stringent than those outlined by MAAC. PDQ Flyers recognizes four levels of flying skill:

 - Students who may only fly with an instructor, on a 'buddy box' type system. Trainees are not allow to fly solo at the club fied, with one exception. Trainees may practice at the field using Park Flyer sized plane or smaller, as long as no other persons are onsite. 

Park Flyers - Members who are qualified to fly aircraft meeting the definition of a Park Flyers (see below). In order to earn the Park Flyer designation, members must demonstrate to a club instructor or executive safe completion of a MAAC MSD25 flight. 

Unlimited Flyers
- Members who have been certified under our "PDQ Wings" program may fly any aircraft of their choice. 
Details of the wings program and test can be found here.    

Instructors - members who are achieved a level of skill that qualifies them to teach and/or evaluate others.

Electronic aids such as Gyros, AS3X and SAFE may be used by used by all members, however in order to pass your PDQ Wings test and earn the status of Unlimited Flyer you must complete your test without any electronic aids.

Park Flyers

Park Flyer models are lightweight aircraft which pose a lower safety risk to people and property should a mistake be made. With the advent of Horizon Hobbies "SAFE" feature, many aircraft are sold as "beginner" models or "park fliers" which do not meet PDQ definitions for Park Flyer aircraft. PDQ Park Flyer aircraft are limited to the following:

under 2 pounds (907 grams)
under 48" (1219mm)
Electric power, propeller driven. No EDF 'jets'.

To meet the Park Flyer certification level, a pilot needs to take off, demonstrate they can fly safely, keep from crossing the flight line, and return to earth without risk to persons or property. If you believe that you have the flying skills to do these things, contact the programs administrator who will arrange for an instructor to conduct a test.


Flight Instruction

Our Club is blessed with a number of highly skilled pilots and some of them have agreed to donate their time training others. There is no formal certification for Instructors, instead each is designated by existing Instructors. 

For new pilots, our instructors will take students through a series of skills designed to create safe pilots who can then spend time flying, as opposed to repairing, model aircraft. Each stage is completed at the students comfort level. Some learn quite quickly, while others take time to get comfortable. Visit this page for an overview of our training path

Whether learning to fly for the first time, improving a particular skill, or simply navigating the changing regulations in Canada for RC flight, the club can help.

Members who are looking for instruction or certification can reach out to the programs administrator