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PDQ Officers 

Executive- 2017


Past President - Craig MacQuarrie

PDQ Flyers Committees - 2017


  • Craig MacQuarrie
  • Brian Coolican


  • Craig MacQuarrie 
  • Barry Burynuik
  • Leo Katila
  • Peter Jubb 


  • Dennis Jessey
  • Keith Hoelscher 


  • Jim Harris  
  • Craig MacQuarrie  


  • Mike Hooper
  • Guenter Rink
  • Keith Hoelscher
  • Mo Christensen 

 Public Relations

  • Greg Brunt 


  • Bill Rollins
  • Bruce Busby 

Indoor Flight

  • Jim Sheppard 

Programs and Float Fly Committees have not yet been organized.

DND Relations are Bill Rollins and Greg Brunt

The Webmaster is Ian Smith.














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