2) Register Aircraft

Second Step: Register Aircraft

All RPAS between 250g and 25kg must be registered. This includes custom built RPAS, RPAS built from a kit, and off-the-shelf products. 

  • The cost to register your RPAS is $5 per unit.
  • You only need to register RPAS you are going to fly.
  • You do not need to register your transmitter or controllers.

Registering RPAS

Before you head to the website to register your RPAS, you'll need to gather a few things:

  • Purchase date (if known)
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial number if equipped
  • Your VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Interac Card

Each aircraft you wish to register is done one at a time, with a separate payment. There is no option to add multiple aircraft to your cart and pay at once. 

I have found that most of the Horizon Hobby Foamie planes, some of my Dynam and a few other models are listed in the system. If I input "hellcat", for instance, the Dynam Hellcat comes up. My ARF planes are not loaded in the system, so I simply manually added the manufacturer, model, weight, type and color. Currently the system only asks if the aircraft is between 250g and 25kg. You do not need to know the precise takeoff weight. 

Eventually I will upload some screenshots of the process to help our members. 

Use this link here to register your RPAS.

Marking Your Aircraft
The outside of your aircraft needs to be marked with the registration number provided by Transport Canada. You can use a label, or permanent marker, and there are no size requirements. The registration number must be on a 'permanent' part of the aircraft, not on a removable piece such as a battery or hatch cover.

The registration number for my balsa cub, for instance, is an 11-digit number. I will simply print a mailing label with it, and stick it to the fuselage.

Registration Certificate
To get your registration certificate, you need to do three things:
1) log into the Drone Management Portal

2) Click on the aircraft you would like your certificate for
3) Click on the registration number to get a PDF of your registration certificate. 

The three screen shots below should help you to find it:

Documents For Flying

We'll repeat some of this information in a later section, but as we've just registered our aircraft I thought it would be beneficial to list the aircraft documents that are required to be with you when flying your aircraft. Use the list below to get an explanation for each. 

Registration Certificate

The registration certificate for your aircraft is to be with you while flying. You can print the certificate which is emailed to you, or some of the digital flying tools will allow you to upload them into your device. 

Maintenance Logbook

As the regulations are based on full-scale aircraft, we are required to have a maintenance logbook. The log book can be digital (with some extra rules in place) or a paper copy. You need to have the maintenance log with you when flying the aircraft.

Instruction Manual

Keeping in mind that the regulations are based on full scale aircraft, we are required to have any operators manual within reach for immediate use by the pilot or crew. Many of our ARF, Foamies and other RPAS ship with an instruction manual, and we are required to have those on site while flying.