3) Site Survey

Third Step: Site Survey

Perhaps the most challenging part of the Part IX regulations is the requirement to complete a site survey for each flight outing. This site survey is different from a MAAC site survey, and (at this time) the regulations do not allow for a club site survey that can be reused. The club cannot, for instance, provide: 

  • Access to Transport Canada NOTAMs that need to be reviewed before each outing

Site Surveys The Simple Way

The simplest way to produce a site survey that meets all the requirements is through the MAAC RPAS Wilco App. Having the app on your smartphone means you will have access to the required information at the field.

RPAS Wilco can also be used online through the website. A PDF of the site survey is emailed to you. You can even do site surveys in advance, and the system will email you the PDF 2 hours before your flying session. 

MAAC Members get the pro version of RPAS Wilco for free - use the invitation code maacpro when you create an account.

An example of the RPAS Wilco site survey can be found by clicking on the thumbnail to the left. 

The RPAS Wilco user guide PDF is available by clicking the thumbnail on the left. 

Get RPAS Wilco:

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