7) Revisions & Corrections

Revisions and Corrections

This page is going to be used to note where we've made revisions to the previous pages that could change your understanding of the rules. Typos and simple changes won't be noted. We will also post on this page items which could be considered "open for interpretation" so that you can make your best decision. 

As this page was created due to the first two items below, you'll begin to get a feel for why this page exists.

Aircraft Certificate On-Site
A member emailed asking for clarification for our note that the RPAS registration certificate needs to be on-site while it is in use.

The actual regulation states "A pilot is required to present proof of registration (digital or physical) upon request from a peace officer or a person delegated by the Minister of Transport such as a TC inspector (CARs 103.02(1) and 901.09). " The key point here being "a peace officer", which means if the RCMP shows up at the field and asks, you have to be able to present it. 

Those who are digital saavy, and have enough battery on their cell phone and a good signal can simply pull up the drone registry and show their certificate. 

Your webmaster chose to err on the side of caution (so we don't have any troubles at the field) and merely said you "have to have it with you." 

Logbooks on-site or not?
Another question posed was whether the flight and maintenance log books actually need to be on-site, or not. A re-read of the regulations suggests I may have been incorrect, as it states you are merely required to keep both types of log books. This does suggest you could simply fill out your flight logs and maintenance logs once you get home. 


I would really encourage you to think hard about how realistic it is you will actually fill them out at home. I've caught myself realizing the LiPo batteries are still in the trunk two days later on more than one occasion (yet alone charged/stored correctly) so am I really going to write down the flight info in a log? Heck, I can't even do my mileage reports for work on week that they happen, and they pay me for those.


Quite honestly, I think I misinterpreted the regulation and you don't need them on-site. But I also think its probably likely that an authority figure (or one that believes themselves to be an authority figure) is likely to make the same error. I gotta have a new flight bag  to carry my Certificate, site survey, manuals of my planes, and checklists...might as well store my log books in there too. If you're going digital, just make sure you have access to all of them on the same device that you bring to the field?

Aircraft Registration Certificate
Instructions were added to the Register Aircraft page to assist with finding your registration certificate.