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Tips - General

Aircraft Recovery

If you ever crash into one of the tall trees at our flying site and can't get it down, call Wade Stewart. He can climb anything and is careful enough to minimize additional damage during the recovery.

1594 Clayton Cres, Nanoose Bay
He's pretty busy, but will try to get you're plane down as quickly as he can.  His fee is around $100, but ask him about it when you call.
Wade has retreived planes for Larry Todd and Craig MacQuarrie.  Here's what Craig had to say about it:

"After a dead stick I had no choice but to plant my plane onto a tall and unclimbable tree.  Only a slight repair required to the wing but was aware that the plane would be destroyed on the recovery.  It was right on the bushy canopy at the top.  Wade scaled the tree to a height of 40' in which he tied it off to other trees for stability.  I expected a pike pole show at that point and several pieces of covering and balsa but he got to the plane, tied off the tail and with great care, and lowered it through a maze of dead branches with no further damage. Easy retrieval is $100 to $120.  Mine was considered difficult so he charged me $120. A healthy tip for that effort was a no brainer".

Safety Bench

I first saw this type of model airplane bench at the Edmonton RC field. Might be a cheaper way of replacing our tables when we decide to replace them.

Submitted by Norm Lunt, May 2014.

Great sites for help

flitetest.com and RC Model Reviews are both websites that contains a number of videos that explain some aspect of our hobby. They both do it well and you will likely find something useful here.

Submitted by Rusty Lockwood, December 2012.

RC Connectors

Ever get confused about all the different connectors available in our hobby? I did, so I tried to get a handle on them and created this document to remind me. If I missed any or got some wrong, let me know.

Submitted by Ian Smith, March 2012.



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