4) Log Books

Fourth Step: Log books

Following the Part IX regulations requires pilots to keep two types of log books:

  • Flight Logs
  • Maintenance Logs

There is no stipulation that the flight log and maintenance log cannot be kept in the same book, and indeed that is how many of the commercially available drone log books are setup. Flight logs are to be kept for a period of 12 months, while maintenance logs are kept for a period of 24 months. If your RPAS is transferred to a new owner, the maintenance logs are to go with the aircraft. 

Failure to keep, and use, the above log books could result in a $1,000 fine for recreational users.

Given the above, and the fact that your webmaster has more than one plane in the hanger, we're going to assume that you (like he) plan to keep seperate log books. One for flight logs, and individual maintenance logs for each aircraft.

Use the boxes below to learn more about what each type of logbook must include.

Flight Logs
  • A record containing the names of pilot and other crew members who were involved with each flight
  • Time / date record of each flight or series of flights
  • Aircraft used for the flights
Maintenance Logs
  • A record containing the particulars of any mandatory action and other maintenance or repair conducted.
  • Includes the names of the persons who performed them
  • The dates they were undertaken
  • If applicable, any instructions provided to complete the work
  • the manufacturer, model, and description of the part or equipment installed in the case of a modification
  • Maintenance logs are kept for 24mo, and transferred to the new owner in the case of a sale

RPAS Wilco
The RPAS Wilco App will actually serve as your flight log, if you are using it on your phone or tablet while at the field. You can setup and load check lists, and each time you check that you have powered on your aircraft it will automatically start a timer. When you check off that you have powered off your aircraft, it will stop the timer and record the flight as a flight log.

All the flights in your session are logged together.  RPAS Wilco is detailed further in the Site Survey section of our RPAS help. 

"Digital Logbooks" (ex: Excel)
Excel can be an excellent way to log both your flights and maintenance records, without the need to print sheets or carry pages. There is an additional rule you must be aware of if using Excel or another digital record:

Any digital logbook must have a "change history" feature that is on, and functioning. Transport Canada needs to be able to see if any editing or changes to logs has been done. WIthout change history functioning, your digital log book will not meet the requirements and the fine could be imposed. 

PDQ Log Book Files
Eventually I would like to post both a flight log and maintenance log sheet that you can print and place in a binder or similar. I don't anticipate needing one for myself until the week of March 6th (at the earliest). So if any member creates one they would like to share, please email the webmaster! 

Other Log Book Sources
You can purchase a paper logbook here for $39.95 Canadian.
Here's an option on Amazon.ca for $10.99

Two free downloadable excel log book templates (requires signing up for their email list)

ASA Drone Logbook $3.20
Drone logbook on Amazon.ca