6) Aircraft Under 250g

Aircraft under 250g

At the request of some of our members, we were asked to seek out some options for under 250g flying. If your RPAS is under 250g, you can fly at the field without a Basic Pilots Certificate, or registering your aircraft. HOWEVER: 

  • You still need to be an active PDQ Member in good standing
  • You still need to be a MAAC member in good standing
  • Both membership cards are to be pinned to the Frequency board (as per the PDQ field rules)

There are some intriguing options following these links. Certainly enough to keep one flying while the exemption appeal process, and/or new MAAC exemption are worked through.

Twisted Hobbies
Twisted hobbies has a series of EPP planes that come in under 250g. While primarily aimed at the 3D flying crowd, it appears a few models could be used for 'traditional' flight. 

Or, perhaps, this is the perfect excuse to figure out what all that stick-waggling-3D stuff is all about?!

Twisted Hobbies Webpage

Banggood / Eachine / VolantexRC
This series of warbirds (sold under the above brands) are 4 channel planes that generally have very favourable reviews on the forums. The 6-axis gyro stabilization will actually help quite a bit with our field's variable wind conditions.

The units use 1s batteries and can be bound to a Radiomaster TX16s so you don't have to use their controller (no idea if you can bind to any other radio). 

They also have a line of helicopters that one of our members flies indoors, which may work well at the field. 

Banggood Webpage
- Check weights of individual planes carefully, this link takes you to all their fixed-wing aircraft. 

Horizon Hobbies
A number of planes in the UMX line from Horizon hobby come in under 250g. The AS3X is quite helpful with the variable winds. 

UMX Pitts
- 133g
UMX Timber
- 162g with recommended battery
- 192g with battery
UMX Twin Otter
- 82g before battery (1S)
Radian Glider
- 45g before battery (good luck getting to 400'!)
P51D Voodoo
- 109g with 2s battery - Who's up for "no pilot cert needed" Pylon racing?

Horizon Hobby UMX Planes (complete list)